Reverse Roulette System

Reverse RouletteThis is system by well-known Casino Gambler Lou Underhill. Unlike other systems it does not rely on progressive betting, but instead uses flat bets.

How to get the system

Reverse Roulette System is available directly from their website. Just follow our special link, and you will be redirected:

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Roulette System Winner
Playing a session consisting of 60 mins using the Reverse Roulette system, we ending up quite ahead from what we started with. Our initial capital was $100 and after 60mins it was now $248. We did not win every spin during the game, nor did we double any bets. [...] In the next few days we were not as lucky. Continuing using Reverse Roulette (We dont just review a system for 60 minutes, and let it be done. We test it for a few sessions at least to really see if it works), we were actually at a loss. It seems the system is a bit of a hit and miss. Somedays you get lucky, while others you dont.
Roulette Uncovered
Although the system made a good steady profit, it was very much a case of 3 steps forward, 2 steps back. The system would make some profit, lose a bit of it, then win back what was lost and make a bit more profit. Gradually making more and more profit as I played. So don’t expect to go bolting out of the gate and make lots of money instantly with this.

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