Do San Diego County residents like the Souza-owned casino in Chula Vista ?

casinoThe historic Seven Mile Casino, formerly known as Village Club Card Room, relocated and held its official opening yesterday.

Although casino lovers were excited for the new recreational establishment to be opened, the casino owned by Harvey Souza and family in San Diego, California got its share of negative reaction from others that are concerned that it could increase crime in the area.

While patrons of the new casino say it will offer more entertainment and create a new source of revenue for the county and the state, and provide an increase to the local economy, some people living in the area are already raising eyebrows. In fact, nearby residents claim that the casino will just encourage gambling and crime in the area.

The business has been a staple in the South County community since 1946, and home to the Souza family for nearly 70 years.

Renamed the Seven Mile Casino, the name pays tribute to Sousa’s great grandfather, Joao de Souza, who owned 11 Mile Saloon in Hilo, Hawaii, in the late 1800’s, located 11 miles from the nearest town.

The new location remains in Chula Vista, not quite a mile from the previous location, and commensurate with the name, which is approximately seven miles from San Diego in one direction and seven miles from Tijuana in the other.

Meanwhile, Seven Mile Casino is part of the revitalization of the Chula Vista Bayfront and to do so, Souza worked collectively with the city to get operations up and running.

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