Guess the Swiss billionaire ordered to pay £2M for a huge gambling spree

Ritz HotelA wealthy Swiss gambler has been ordered to pay 2.2 million to a London-based casino.

The 52-year-old Safa Abdulla Al Geabury had requested in court that he should not pay the said charge as the Ritz Casino has already knew before how much he was addicted to gambling in the past.

Unfortunately, a High Court judge dismissed Al Geabury’s claim and ordered him to pay up the total amount of his debt.

According to the reports, the billionaire and property tycoon gave the casino a 2-million cheque to cover an enormous roulette spree on February 19 last year.

The club claimed that the cheque bounced when personnel at the hotel-casino tried to bank it the following day.

The Ritz Hotel Casino Ltd, the owner of the club, took legal action against the Swiss businessman in London’s High Court,which cost 2 million plus and 200,000 worth of accumulated interest.

Court documents put before The High Court disclosed that thegambling addict had been a member of the Ritz Club since August 2012.

Al Geabury’s side claimed the casino staff have already been aware of his uncontrollable urge in gambling and shouldn’t have given him five-million-credit line before.

Along with his claim, Safa countersued Ritz Club casino for 5.4 million to cover his previous losses at the club since October 2010.

Kevin Pettican, the tycoon’s counsel, stated that the casino’s action in providing his client with facilities to gamble had illegally breached the terms of its gaming license.

Still, the court has dismissed his argument and ruled in favor of Ritz.

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